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Helping Your Clients Retire Comfortably Through Wealth Enhancement

Who Needs Help with Wealth Enhancement

As with all the Financial Advocacy pillars, wealth enhancement works best with a specific type of client. In general, Wealth Enhancement can be a great system to help older families plan for retirement. For example, 40-50 year olds with children.

If you asked these clients right now how they envision retirement, I can all but guarantee you they WOULDN'T start by saying "I want a big yacht and yearly vacations to Paris". Instead, they might say something along the lines of, "I want a relaxing and peaceful retirement where I don't have to worry about money".

Your clients want an anxiety-free retirement. They don't want to be holding their breath through retirement watching their savings dwindle.

The good news is, you can help them.

The Key to a Great Retirement

Diversification is the key to helping your clients prepare for the retirement of their dreams. And I'm not talking about diversifying stocks and bonds in their 401(k), although that is important too. I'm talking about true diversification, from real estate to commodities to insurance products and alternative currencies.

Diversification in asset classes is extremely important, and so is diversification in financial tools. Independent advisors like us have the freedom to present our clients with products from a myriad of companies. We don't push products, we offer a variety of solutions that fit the client.

We also can't forget about Social Security, which for many clients may be just as valuable as their IRA or 401(k). Many consumers are concerned with maximizing their benefits. When should they start taking social security, how much, etc. We can help guide them through that.

Myths that Jeopardize Your Clients' Retirements

Americans have been led to believe that the stock market always goes up. We've been grilled from the moment we entered the work to 'buy and hold'.

Sure, over decades the stock market does go up. But, there have also been long periods throughout history of low growth or no growth. What happens if a bear market happens when your clients need their retirement funds?

There are solutions out there to leverage against market risk and volatility.

How to Empower Your Clients with Financial Solutions

Currently, the manufacturers of funds, financial products, and insurance products have all the power to influence your clients. They work with different firms and agencies that then send out sales representatives to convince consumers to buy their products. The sales tactics of some people in the investment world can be disingenuous at best.

Attorney advisors have the power to flip the script of the financial-industrial complex. Through education and guidance, we can help consumers take the power back.

We don't have to be financial mathematicians either. Technology and state-of-the-art software can do that for us.

With the current commoditization happening in the financial industrial complex, consumers need us now more than ever. Do you want to be a part of the problem or part of the movement for change? Opportunities exist right now in your current client base.

Take the first step and start our Financial Advocacy course here.

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