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How to Have Meaningful Conversations with Your Finance Clients

We are living in a world of disinformation and half-truths.  Our clients are bombarded with media and “experts” telling them what to think.  When we give ourselves time to think critically, we can often see the lack of logic in what we are being told.  When we ask our clients questions that provide them the opportunity to think logically and come to their own conclusions we act as guides and help them determine their most beneficial path. 


So, we need to ask more questions and make fewer statements.


Here are some questions for you to ponder and to ask your clients. This will help them define a strategy that is more beneficial to them.


Let’s ask a few questions about inflation.


Currently, the government is telling us that inflation has fallen to around three percent. 


  • Doesn’t our government manipulate those numbers?

  • What is not included in those numbers?  Isn’t it a fact that they don’t include food costs, energy costs, and healthcare costs?

  • If those things were included could the current rate of inflation possibly be six or seven percent?

  • Did you know based upon the laws of compounding, at that rate of inflation, you would need twice as much income in 12 years to maintain your purchasing power?


Let’s ask a few questions about taxes.


According to, our country’s current unfunded liability is almost $213 trillion, and it is projected to be almost $346 trillion in 2031.  Where will this money come from?


  • Don’t they have to raise taxes across the board?

  • Don’t they have to raise all kinds of taxes?

  • How about personal income taxes.  We have fewer people working and this is a trend for the future, how do they get more tax revenue from fewer people working?

  • Won’t higher taxes reduce our standard of living?

  • Wouldn’t it be more beneficial to you and your family to pay a little more in tax now to protect against a bigger tax bill in the future?


Let’s ask a few questions about the stock market.


Looking at the stock market through the lens of future taxes and demographic change, how will this impact market valuation?

  • What do you think will happen to the value of the publicly traded company stock when they raise taxes on corporate profits?

    • Wouldn’t that likely reduce net income?

    • Wouldn’t that likely reduce the amount of capital to reinvest?

    • Wouldn’t that likely reduce dividends?

  • ·         So, what do you think will happen to the value of the stock market overall when corporate taxes are increased?


As to all the above, there is one more question that is where value is provided.  “If I could share with you a strategy to protect you from, or take advantage of this would that be of interest to you?  Would you find it beneficial to have a conversation?”

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