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From April Showers to Economic Flowers: Embracing Seasonal Change

Blooming flowers, chirping birds, rising temperatures, the return of baseball season, and more time spent outdoors — spring has arrived! I always look forward to April, for this gorgeous time of the year is a profound reminder of the cyclical nature of the world, where April showers promise the budding of May flowers. Year after year, we see regrowth and renewal after the dormant winter months and holiday season. Here in the Midwest, it’s an exciting time to get outdoors, embrace the sun on our faces, and witness the reemergence of wildlife. 


This natural cycle of our seasons is mirrored in the fluctuations we observe in the economy — with periods of growth, maturity, and inevitable recession. Currently, we find ourselves bracing against the chill of an economic winter, a period marked by a confluence of risks and a looming and long-delayed recession that has stirred a sense of unease. Yet, just as the certainty of spring follows the bleakness of our winters, the economic landscape promises rebirth and renewal after stagnant periods. 

Among the books I’m currently reading is The Fourth Turning, By William Strauss and Neil Howe — an oldie, but a goodie and the recent the Fourth Turning is Here by Howe. These books delve into the economic cycles we navigate and offer a reminder that the ebb and flow of economic fortunes are not anomalies but rather an integral part of the financial ecosystem. Understanding these cycles equips us with the confidence and assurance to remain calm amidst upheaval and draws upon lessons from the past to prepare ourselves for the future.

An economic winter leads to innovation and new opportunities, which are prevalent in the spring. They mature into the summer and ultimately reach their apex in the fall, and then we lead into another economic winter. Just like our physical seasonal winters, characterized by snow and darker days, the economic winters vary in intensity and duration. However, one thing is for sure — we always come out of it. 

The recent economic downturns have been relatively mild, similar to brief cold spells rather than prolonged winters. However, the unpredictability of economic climates, much like the uncertainty surrounding global warming, makes it difficult to forecast the future. The distortion of economic markets, influenced by central bank interventions, adds additional complexity to our predictions.

Nonetheless, history has shown us that resilience and preparation are our most reliable allies in the face of adversity. By bracing for winter, we ensure our ability to revel in the guaranteed spring.

I find myself frequently pondering the impact of the demographic, economic and social trends that we are experiencing and the potential for the financial devastation of the 401k generations life savings.


This philosophy is one of the reasons why we have built so many of my clients’ savings strategies around having the ability to weather winter to get to the other side to enjoy a beautiful spring.

By remaining informed and prepared, we can navigate these transitions with confidence, ready to seize the opportunities that arise in the wake of economic winters. Since we can’t all fly south for an economic winter, we must put on our metaphorical galoshes and get through it. 


There are ways to help your clients prepare for this winter.  Estate Planning attorneys are a last line of defense and uniquely situated to help the families of the 401k generation prepare for winter so they can enjoy the coming economic spring.


Is you are not sure what you can do to help, reach out to us and see how your clients can be prepared for winter.

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