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How Estate Planning Attorneys Can Help Clients Achieve Their Ideal Retirement

Estate planning attorneys play a vital role in helping their clients prepare for their retirement. With so many options available, the average consumer needs true guidance to determine their best path toward retirement. When it comes to putting together a portfolio, there are three types of assets to keep in mind:

  • True Liquidity

  • Guaranteed Income for Life

  • Variable Investments

Providing insight into these three components of a sound retirement portfolio is crucial in helping clients make informed decisions, bettering client relationships, and ultimately growing your business.

True Liquidity

First, let’s discuss true liquidity. This involves having easy access to cash through money market accounts, CDs, savings and checking accounts, and cash-value life insurance. Financial Advocate Attorneys can work with their clients to distribute their wealth and ensure that funds are readily available when needed. They can also help their clients set up a plan for emergency funds to account for any unexpected expenses. By having true liquidity, clients can have peace of mind knowing that they won't have to worry about their finances in case of an emergency.

Guaranteed Income for Life

Guaranteed income for life is essential to living a stress-free retirement. This includes guaranteed income sources such as Social Security, pensions, or certain annuity products. Financial Advocate attorneys can help their clients maximize their social security benefits by taking into consideration factors such as age of retirement and spousal benefits. They can also advise their clients on the best annuity products that match their unique situation and goals. These income sources provide financial security, ensuring that clients continue to receive a steady income stream, even if other investments take a hit during a market downturn.

Variable Investments

Lastly, variable investments are crucial in achieving an ideal retirement. Investments in the market, such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and ETFs, all have their own level of risk. Financial Advocate Attorneys can help their clients assess their risk tolerance, financial goals, and timeline, to determine the best investments that align with their financial plans. Ongoing reassessments and guidance are also extremely important as a client's life circumstances change. With a well-balanced portfolio, clients can reap the rewards of potential earnings while minimizing their risk.

Helping Your Clients Live a Stress-Free Retirement

Estate planning attorneys offer valuable expertise and guidance when it comes to retirement planning. By focusing on the three essential components: true liquidity, guaranteed income for life, and variable investments, clients are that much closer to achieving their dream retirement. With new technology, it doesn't take much to obtain the proper licensing and start offering this much-needed guidance to your clients.

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