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How One Wealth Preservation Strategy Generated Over $80,000 in Revenue

The Wealth Management pillar involves repeatable processes that empower you to identify opportunities to reduce current and future taxes and maximize the legacy potential. Under the Wealth Preservation Pillar, we utilize first-in-class software solutions to model potential outcomes so that you can confidently advise your clients regarding those outcomes and guide them toward making informed financial decisions.

The following case generated more than $80,000 in current and recurring revenue in one case.

This client was referred to us by an existing client. They were a married couple with children. He was approaching retirement; she was a bit younger. They were referred because they wanted to organize things and prepare an estate plan. As we worked through our process, we discovered that they had done an excellent job of saving and had a government pension, which, along with social security income, would cover their projected living expenses for quite a while. They did not know it, but they were facing a very expensive excess capital problem.

We solved the problem through our process of creating a plan that converted a significant portion of their savings to a Roth IRA, substantially reducing taxes during life and upon death, maximizing the value of the pension, and providing ongoing tax planning and guidance.

It is not all about hefty fees; The Wealth Preservation Pillar provides many opportunities to increase revenue per client by delivering more value. Solving the following problems on average generates over $10,000 in revenue.

  • Providing leveraged funds for the payment of long-term care expenses

  • Developing a fund to replace the loss of social security income for a surviving spouse

  • Providing funding for a Roth conversion upon the death of a spouse

  • Leveraging lazy money sitting in the bank generating taxable income

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