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Introducing March to a Million: The Podcast for Financially Minded Attorneys

We are excited to announce the official launch of a new podcast, “March to a Million” hosted by Greg DuPont of Wealth Solutions Network. He’ll share insights and knowledge to help attorneys achieve more for their clients and themselves. This podcast is all about empowering attorneys to take a holistic approach to their clients’ needs and becoming a true hero in their communities. In this inaugural episode, Greg shares what the March to a Million is all about.

March to a Million is a challenge Greg set for himself a few years ago. His goal is to positively impact a million lives by his 65th birthday – September 30, 2030. Of course, this is an ambitious goal. Which is why he is enlisting the help of other financially minded attorneys around the country.

Why America Needs Financial Advocates

In the podcast, Greg reflects on his early years as an estate planning attorney. He tells the story of a time he was sitting at a conference table with 4 other attorneys as part of a trust dispute case. He realized the financial and legal industries had let his client down. If they just had a financial advocate they trusted, the situation would never have happened in the first place.

So, Greg set out on a mission to make sure none of his clients would ever have to experience this. He obtained a CFP license and spent some time in the financial industrial complex. There, he observed a great lack of leadership. Salesmen were biased to say the least. Clients simply weren’t receiving the information they needed to make sound financial decisions. This is because the financial industrial complex is siloed. Insurance men only sell insurance, brokers only handle stocks, CPAs only handle taxes, etc. There is little to no cohesive guidance available to the consumer.

Now, in 2023, the problem is only getting worse. Less and less people are entering the financial services industry and consumers are turning to DIY options such as rob advisors.

How Greg’s Method Solves the Problems of the Financial Industrial Complex

After observing firsthand how major financial firms treated their clients, Greg decided to make a change and start his own Registered Investment Advisory firm, DuPont Wealth Solutions. Together with his other companies, DuPont & Blumenstiel Law, and Ohio Tax Advocates, he provides holistic 5-star service to all his clients.

Greg is now on a mission to teach other attorneys how to follow in his footsteps and become financial advocates for their own clients. Attorneys, with their legal expertise and fiduciary obligations, are uniquely positioned to assume this role for their clients.

The Ideal Financial Advocate Attorney

As Greg outlines in the inaugural episode of March to a Million, he is only looking for a specific type of attorney to join his team. Estate planning, tax, business, and personal injury attorneys are all candidates. Any attorney that is working with clients who have a reasonable amount of money should be interested in helping their clients protect their assets.

Reach out to the Wealth Solutions Network if this sounds like something you would be interested in. We provide you with all the guidance, support and coaching you need to confidently step into your clients’ financial lives.

Tune in to March to a Million

March to a Million is the podcast that entrepreneurial minded attorneys have been waiting for. By taking a holistic approach to financial planning, estate attorneys can enhance their services and become a true hero to their clients. The Wealth Solutions Network provides the necessary resources and education to help attorneys obtain the appropriate licensing and certifications and build thriving practices. With the support of WSN and the insights shared in March to a Million, estate planning attorneys can make a positive impact in their clients’ lives and achieve their career goals.

What are you waiting for? Listen to the first episode of March to a Million today and jumpstart your journey to becoming a financial advocate. Go to

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