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Maximize Your Client's Savings Strategy with Our Wealth Management Process

The Wealth Management pillar involves repeatable processes that empower you to identify opportunities to improve your client's savings strategy. Under the Wealth Management Pillar, we provide turnkey solutions and access to industry-leading asset managers and systems to improve client outcomes. These opportunities may provide the basis for recurring passive monthly income for you.

You will know how to recognize opportunities like the following:

The following case generated more than $100,000 of current and recurring revenue.

This client came to us as a probate and estate planning referral from an employer-sponsored legal plan. The client was inheriting a substantial sum from her parent. The client sought tax guidance on her inheritance and advice on what to do with the inherited assets. They did not want to pay tax on the inheritance, wanted to pass on a legacy to their clients, wanted to retire, and wanted to minimize their lifetime taxes.

Following our Wealth Management process, we gave her the confidence to retire early. We secured her tax-free legacy to her children. We also established a plan for a guaranteed lifetime income of approximately $100,000 per year tax-free, protected the family against the impact of long-term care, and established an investment portfolio that highly qualified money managers manage with a mandate to minimize taxes on the portfolio while growing the assets.

In addition to the client goals outlined above, our process reduced projected lifetime income tax by 33%, increased the projected estate by 5x, while reducing risk.

The following case generated more than $50,000 of current and recurring revenue.

This client was an existing estate planning client we kept in touch with through our ongoing client nurturing process. Five years after we did the estate plan, they sought our guidance to develop a retirement income plan. The client had a 401k, a few IRAs, and some savings with a combined value of approximately $1.5 Million, a residence, and social security.

Following our Wealth Management process, we developed a retirement income plan that established the current and future projected income needs, adjusted them for inflation, and provided their target income for life, building in increases and preserving liquidity and growth potential.

Following our Wealth Management process, you can help any client in their saving journey. Qualified members can become registered investment advisors with our strategic partner Advocate Wealth Solutions[1] providing access to institutional custodians such as Schwab, Fidelity, and SEI, with curated money managers such as Blackrock, First Trust, American Funds, John Hancock, State Street and more. Such advisors provide solutions based on risk profile ranging from low cost passively managed indexed funds to active money managers, to bespoke custom portfolios. The process for selection of these portfolios is designed so that you do not need extensive experience with investment selection.

Qualified members receive recurring monthly revenue as a result of the management of the client’s portfolio and the ongoing oversight and guidance of the client.

[1] Advocate Wealth Solutions is a DBA of DuPont Wealth Solutions, LLC, a Registered Investment Advisory firm, Sub-advisory services are provided by Simplicity Solutions, LLC and SEI Investments Management Corporation.

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