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Turn the Tables on Debt and Taxes with Wealth Accumulation

The Wealth Accumulation Pillar contains processes that help clients maximize their cash flow and make sound saving decisions. Our process allows consumers to increase the amount of their savings by reclaiming income lost to debt and taxes.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, for the average consumer their lifetime income is allocated as follows:

Our Processes help consumers pay off debt faster and more efficiently and help them reduce lifetime taxes through proactive tax planning.

The following case generated more than $30,000 in current and recurring revenue.

This case involved a young couple who wanted to have an estate plan put in place to protect their children. During discovery, we identified that they had some debt and had no life insurance other than their group life insurance at work. We developed a Debt Free 4 Life Plan™ that had them out of debt in 6 years and saved them $50,000 in interest while accumulating $225,000 in a tax-free savings account.

The Wealth Accumulation Pillar also solves several other problems for your clients; each solution presents a five-figure revenue possibility for you.

Pillar Four also helps consumers make better decisions when:

  • They are saving for college.

  • They are playing catch up when they have not been saving for retirement.

  • They seek to smooth out a spike in income and the tax impact of extraordinary bonuses, severance, and unusual business profit.

  • They want a retirement savings plan for an established, closely held company.

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