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Unlocking Success Through Our Proven 3-Step Approach

We have developed a simple 3 step process designed to get an interested attorney started on the path to confidently and competently delivering financial advisory services to your clients and generating a return on your investment within the first 120 days. It really is as easy as:

Step 1. Adopt a financial advocacy mindset. We'll coach you in developing an awareness of solutions to repeated financial problems your client base is experiencing. As a result, you'll be able to ask a few more insightful questions and deliver more value.

Add another tool to your toolbox, and set yourself apart from the competition by identifying and providing potential solutions to often ignored financial problems. Assert yourself as the expert. As a result, you can charge additional fees for your legal services immediately.

Step 2. Develop the skillset. We will assist you through additional training and mentorship. We provide the training, tools, and team of experts to get you started on this journey and help you continue to develop the necessary expertise.

Our AdvocateAccess™ and AdvocateAware™ programs generate positive cashflow and establish marketing funds providing a financial bridge for you as you refine your knowledge and serve your clients.

Step 3. Develop the toolset. We will assist you and mentor you to develop the skills and provide the tools and access to strategic partners to deliver appropriate financial solutions to your clients confidently and competently. We will guide you through the licensing and registration process, so you are fully compliant with the applicable laws.

We will connect you with our team of investment and insurance partners, so you do not need to spend your precious time figuring out how and who to do it with. We have built relationships with a wide array of high-quality institutions to fulfill the mission of being independent of product or institutional bias, and you will have access to these partners through our affiliates, Advocate Wealth Solutions, and Blue Ocean Insurance.

As a result, you'll be able to build stronger, long-lasting relationships with your clients, triple your average client value, and secure guaranteed recurring revenue. And you'll be a hero to your clients.

Now, you may think there is much to learn to be a skilled financial advisor. The answer to that is a qualified yes and no.

How the Financial Services and Legal Industries Have Evolved

First, the evolution of the technology used to provide financial solutions has systemized many of the skills and insights that used to take years to develop and has made it possible for you to provide the benefits of this skill and insight to your clients without you investing years gaining the experience.

Second, my time inside the industry has taught me that too much of the time spent “training” financial advisors is training them what the company claims to differentiate their product from their competitors' products in a vain effort to avoid commoditization. The consumer does not care about the alleged differentiators; they care about the product's outcome.

I have gotten to know hundreds of advisors over my 15 years in the industry. While there are some fine advisors, there are far too few. From my observations, if you adopt our processes and follow our training, you will be better suited to provide what your client needs then at least 90% of the financial advisors in the marketplace. That is a pretty damning statement about the industry, but it is what I have observed from the inside.

WSN focuses on processes delivering outcomes, not products. We provide training on these proven processes leaving you to do what you do best: connect with your clients. Through your skills honed as an attorney, ask questions, find out concerns, and apply the processess to the facts. Think of your WSN mentor as an expert witness brought in to consult on a case.

Third, the consumer needs more leadership and guidance, not more information. They are looking to improve their current situation and achieve their desired outcome. This change results from human beings making a genuine connection and acting. The ability to make this connection with their clients separates great consultants, advisors, coaches, and attorneys from the average.

Why Attorneys Make Perfect Financial Advocates

The skills you need to succeed as a financial advocate are the same skills of empathy, active listening, and persuasion that have made you a successful attorney. You have these skills to succeed. You just need to avoid getting in your own way.

I have learned many of these lessons the hard way regarding getting in your own way. I have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in training and experimentation to get to this point. You do not have to graduate from the school of hard knocks, like I did. There are subtle but crucial distinctions that are the difference between success and failure in extending your services to include financial advice and the ultimate sale of financial products. The culture of WSN and the training we provide are there to benefit you from my 15 years of trial and error so that you can have a positive return on your investment in 15 weeks, not 15 years.

And we have made it as easy as 1, 2, 3, I guarantee it.

Okay, so far, so good, but adding a whole new line of business is overwhelming for many. Eliminating this overwhelm is where our process shines. We designed our WSN process to be a compliment your business, not a new business altogether.

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