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Wealth Solutions Network Launches Focus Group for Estate Attorneys

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

Consulting Firm Offers Free Training to Estate Attorneys that Participate in Focus Group

DUBLIN, OH – The Wealth Solutions Network will host a virtual focus group for estate attorneys on January 23rd at 4pm and on January 30th at 4pm. The focus group will attend an introductory live webinar training on the five core pillars of financial advocacy: wealth management, wealth preservation, wealth enhancement, wealth accumulation, and wealth transfer. This training will be taught by Greg DuPont, JD, CFP, a nationally recognized estate attorney, financial advisor, public speaker, and published author.

The webinar is designed to provide estate attorneys with a base understanding on how to recognize financial opportunities for their clients and how to meet their clients’ needs through industry solutions. The training is completely free. The only requirement is to provide honest participation and feedback so that improvements can be made and more value can be delivered in future classes.

The current need for consumers to have a financial advocate in their lives is overwhelming. This need is becoming greater all the time as the forces of commoditization and consolidation affect the financial services industry. Many consumers are turning to self-education methods for financial advice and follow the unqualified recommendations of social media influencers. “People are inundated with information, what they don’t have is leadership and guidance,” said Greg DuPont, owner of the Wealth Solutions Network on his podcast, March to a Million. With the proper training, estate planning attorneys can fulfill this need for their clients. Financial services can quickly add to their bottom line while improving client outcomes and deepening client relationships.

If you would like more information please visit group.

About Wealth Solutions Network, LLC: The Wealth Solutions Network was founded in December of 2022 to build a national group of financially minded attorneys. The company educates attorneys on how to bring more value to their client relationships and improve their clients’ financial outcomes through the integration of unbiased legal, financial, and tax guidance. These attorneys are referred to as “Financial Advocates”.

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