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Gregory DuPont featured on ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX network affiliates as a guest on 'Break Through With Lisa Nichols!'

Gregory DuPont, Founder of Wealth Solutions Network, featured on ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX

Certified Financial Planner and Lawyer, Gregory DuPont was recently a featured guest on 'Break Through With Lisa Nichols!'. The show, which was filmed in Beverly Hills, California by an Emmy Award winning crew, includes guests from around the world who shared their stories of personal triumph.

Gregory DuPont graduated from law school and estate planning was his initial focus. After seeing first-hand the damage families experienced due to lack of proper execution on estate plans and the lack of appropriate financial guidance he created a different model for estate planning attorneys, integrating legal structures and processes and financial planning.

DuPont shared his March to a Million commitment to positively impact one million families from the loss of two billion dollars in unnecessary taxes, market loss, and expenses of aging.

He shared how his commitment led to the founding of the Wealth Solutions Network. The network empowers estate planning attorneys across the country by providing them tools, training, and support to serve as financial advisors. This process delivers better outcomes for their clients, creates deeper client relationships, and generates additional revenues for the attorney.

“I’m excited about the 'Break Through with Lisa Nichols!' TV show, and what it means for so many people,” said Lisa Nichols, the show’s host. “With every interview, television has helped me touch more people, and build more impact. Now, I hope to be that catapult for others, showcasing and celebrating the breakthroughs of the inspiring entrepreneurs I had the privilege of interviewing.”

'Break Through With Lisa Nichols!' features premiere business experts whose interviews are focused on how they broke through in today's business world, and their success that will inspire others.

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