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Master the Art of Problem Solving with WSN's Financial Advocacy Mindset

The Financial Advocacy Mindset is at the core of all we do at WSN. While the other five pillars deal with the processes we have established to empower our members to solve problems and improve outcomes, it is the willingness to assume the role of leadership for your clients that sets you apart.

We have developed a path for implementation in your practice that matches your current law practice, helps you design what you want the business to look like, and shows you how to bridge that gap. You will ask deeper questions, uncover core concerns, and build bonds. You will solve problems, not sell products.

The membership journey in WSN starts at the Mindset level, where we provide ongoing training and guidance to develop an awareness of the new questions to ask. You will learn new problems to uncover. You will also have access to qualified partners to deliver the solutions in a collaborative fashion.

An attorney who aspires to provide solutions themselves may wish to join the Skillset level where one-on-one coaching and access to turnkey solutions, lead generation, and marketing are included. You can also qualify for our AdvocateAccess™ and AdvocateAware™ programs. These programs provide opportunities for immediate return on your investment and a foundation for growth of your business.

We developed the ToolSet level for attorneys ready to become licensed to sell insurance products and/or investments. We will guide you through that process and provide you with additional training and strategic partners to implement these services as a supplement to your existing business.

Those attorneys who want the potential to experience exponential business growth will want to join at the Leadership level. At this level, the member participates in setting the vision for WSN and serves as a mentor case collaborator with other members. This level provides the opportunity for passive revenue on work performed by other WSN members and the right to regional exclusivity.

For more information about the membership benefits, please request our membership benefits brochure or visit

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