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Transform Your Client's Savings into Lifetime Income with Wealth Enhancement

The Wealth Enhancement Pillar focuses on clients who have completed their saving journey and want to secure and build upon their future income. Our process shows them how to convert those savings into income for retirement. After establishing lifetime income, we build upon that income for legacy. We use industry-leading software solutions to develop lifetime income plans and strategically position assets to minimize taxes during lifetime and upon death.

Wealth Enhancement seeks to reduce market risk, cost, and uncertainty so that our clients can enjoy their retirement savings and confidently look forward to their future.

The following case generated more than $80,000 of current and recurring revenue.

A husband and wife for whom we had previously done estate planning wanted a second opinion on their strategy for retirement. The husband planned to retire in a few months, and the wife a few years later. They had a household income of about $200,000 and felt they wanted the equivalent of $10,000 a month in revenue for retirement. They had concerns about taxes and outliving their income. They had the following assets:

We solved their problem by developing a social security income maximization strategy, creating a personal pension plan for lifetime income, and making a leveraged savings account.

The processes of the Wealth Enhancement Pillar solve several other problems for your clients, each presenting a five-figure revenue possibility. Pillar Three also helps consumers make better decisions when they are:

  • Diversifying the risk of their investment portfolio and mitigating large capital gain exposure

  • Looking for solutions caused by extensive real estate holdings.

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