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Save Your Client's Legacy with Our Wealth Transfer Strategy

The Wealth Transfer Pillar focuses on the preservation and creation of multi-generational wealth and the reduction of the impact of taxes on inherited assets of all forms. The process focuses on the four known risks to your client’s legacy: Market risk, long-term care risk, Tax risk, and inflation. We have developed the procedures to ensure lifetime income needs with the least amount of capital necessary and to eliminate unnecessary risk and taxes.

The following cases each generated more than $200,000 of current and recurring revenue.

The client was a widow referred by her adult children. She was a high net-worth individual, and they missed the opportunity to properly fund the a/b trust when her husband passed away. As a result, there was concern over potential estate taxes when TCJA expires. Required minimum distributions from her IRA were causing significant excess taxable income.

We fixed the problem by following our wealth transfer process. We developed a Roth conversion plan, established a charitable remainder trust to transfer highly appreciated stock, and generated an income tax deduction to offset the income generated by Roth conversion.

This trust generated a recurring revenue stream for the client and her adult children for their collective lifetime.

We transferred a substantial amount of her savings into an irrevocable life insurance trust as a single premium policy with the grandchildren as beneficiaries to replace the asset value lost to the charitable trust.

These next clients are the proverbial millionaires next door. They scrimped and saved, lived within their means, and found themselves in their eighties with about three million in savings, half in retirement accounts and half in bank accounts, CDs, and brokerage accounts.

Required minimum distributions were driving their income taxes. They had pension income and social security that amply covered their needs. They wanted to stop those required distributions and transfer the asset to their children and grandchildren through lifetime gifting and upon death.

We fixed the problem by developing a Roth conversion plan with a charitable remainder trust to offset the conversion cost over several years. We developed a gifting plan tailored to the needs of the clients and their children that also replaced the assets pledged to charity.

Taxes will have to be increased to deal with our unsustainable spending. Did your clients save all their lives so it could be given to the IRS?

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